I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had. We drove 1900 miles through 8 states to run 13.1 miles and everybody said we were crazy but we'd do again in a second. The weather was perfect and we couldn't have asked for a better organized run. All the volunteers along the route were first rate and took great care of us. We will certainly see you again next year!
Jayne Hedrick - Tallahassee, FL
This was my first half marathon and I loved this race! I originally chose to make this my first half because I had a friend who had run the race before and he really enjoyed it. I also have family in the Shepherdstown area, so I used the race as an excuse to visit them. This was an extremely organized race! There was plenty of parking and lots of porta-potties. The course itself was a nice mixture of flat trails and hills. The historic aspect of the course and the surrounding area enhanced the running experience. Overall, I give this race an A+ and I can't wait to do this race again!
I was nervous about doing this marathon because it was only my 2nd one and it was my first without pacer groups. I read Dr. Marks article about belly breathing and decided to try it and I'm happy to say it works!! I definitely saw an improvement in my overall stamina and performance.
Judy Price - Hagerstown, Md
The marathon was awesome. Running through four national parks and on an old Civil War trail in a forest, alongside a river, was truly a memorable experience. Glad I made the trip from New York.
Andrea D. - Seaford, New York
I was in bad shape around mile 21 and a volunteer assisted me to get liquids and checked my condition carefully. He even ran with me for a short distance and then shadowed me in his car so that at water stops he could monitor my physical state. As it turns out, I did finish and the volunteer turned out to be a local educator and M.D. What a wonderful person!
Dr. Nau
Ran the altered course last year and had to come back to see if the real course was easier or harder ... It harder. Wonderful organization, beautiful course, great volunteers and a rocking post race party. Loved this years medal more than last years too.
Jody R - Asburn, VA
The pre-race volunteer support at the expo was great and the course was outstanding. The Bavarian Inn has the best post-race vista for any marathon which I have run. Remembering those who died at Antietam was inspirational when tacking the rolling hills on the 2nd-half of the course.
Mike - Pittsburgh
I had a heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery in Jan 2014. Training for and completing the 5k became a goal for me. This was my first race ever as most of my athletic experience is in basketball, baseball and golf.
The fruit packs were FANTASTIC!!! A beautiful course, I'e ran over 166 marathons and this was the most beautiful by far!
we drove from New Hampshire just to run this race, stayed an extra two days after to tour the area, but could have easily stayed a week to take the beauty, history, restaurants, fine shops, etc. all in! We'll just have to come back next year!
Joe Snow - Concord, NH
As I was breezing along, about mile 5 of my half-marathon, I was thinking 'This is going to be my best half yet. I'm a tiger today!' And boom. My right foot begged to differ. A tendon strain knocked me out of PB contention. But I finished the race, much more slowly than I'd hoped, and still had a terrific race. Because I went slowly I finished feeling as if I could have gone round the course again (without the foot pain that is) and got to appreciate the beauty of the course, the gorgeous weather and the encouraging volunteers. So despite the disappointment of not improving on my time, and the worry of an injury, I still had an incredible time. I love the Freedom's Run autumn races and look forward to next year.
Suz Thackston - Sharpsburg
I'm so glad I ran my first half marathon with Freedom's Run. The course was every bit beautiful and scenic as everyone claimed it would be. Thank you for making it a wonderful first experience for me. I will definitely be back next year!
Somaly Pal - Frederick, MD
i ran the half marathon in 2011 then in july of 2012 right in the middle of training i was diagnosed with prostate cancer putting an end to that year i came back this year cancer free so far now i have loftier goals will always have freedoms run on my schedule men take care of yourselves get checked by your doctor it can save your life it did mine thanks.
Greg Frost - Crewe, VA
This is my 4th year participating in the Freedom Run. Just love the scenery, how well organized it is and the volunteers that are so encouraging! It's always a great experience. I'll be back again next year for sure!
a great race for the state of West Virginia!
At 68 I was the oldest female in the half marathon and this was a strenuous race for my first half marathon. At mile eleven I was a mental mess, but I was delighted to finish with 2:55 for my time. My daughter Anne who works in D.C. ran her first marathon with this race in 2013. I live in Memphis, TN and came in 2013 to support her. I promised my daughter that I would run with her the following year, but expected to do only a 6k at the most; however, because of some consistent training, I dared to try the half. Less than two years ago, I had colon cancer and had to have a colon resection. From that low point to half marathon is absolutely amazing, and I hope to continue running for health and enjoyment for a long time. The course was incredible. Having run it once will definitely make it easier the second time!
Molly Zobell - Memphis, Tennessee
The very first 5K of my life was the first Freedom's Run in 2009. Since then running has become my hobby/therapy and I love it. Just did the half marathon and was pleased to check that off my bucket list prior to turning 40. Thanks for having such an awesome event right in my backyard!
Aaryn - Kearneysville, WV
It was great to be in Shepherdstown again!! Really enjoyed seeing my old roommates/friends!! ;-) Free beer @ the Bavarian was fun too! Will run for beer & t-shirt!
Heather - Chambersburg, PA
This was a big event for me and for my special needs son, Linus. Mark was absolutely key to our success, encouraging me set up a website to raise money for our son's mobility equipment, including the adaptive stroller we pushed during the race. It was a success in every way: fund-raising goal surpassed by 75%, friends came in from VA and DC to help, great sense of community and friendship, and the race inspired me get (back) out to the C&O canal to jog every weekend to prepare. Linus had fun, Team Linus members had fun, supporters ran in the 10K, 5K, Kids Run and the Half Marathon races. We feel motivated to get out and do more events like this thanks to the help from Mark and the Freedom's Run.
Laura Turman
of the 8 marathons that I have run this was by far the most difficult course, however I will run it again--the whole experience is remarkable--a class act.
Butch Harmon - Magee, Mississippi
In the dozen or so races I run every year, this is ALWAYS the best, and it's not even close. Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for a wonderful 2014 experience.
John Bonbright - Shepherdstown, WV
Always consider the source when a runner describe hills. Rolling hills in West Virginia are not like the rolling hills by my house in Georgia.
Rodney Smith - Carrollton, GA
This race combines a course with world-class beauty and a friendly, home-town community feel. Plus, its convenient location is easy to get to from anywhere in the mid-Atlantic. I'd list this in my top three for prettiest courses I've run (along with Big Sur and the Dipsea race). I'll definitely be back!
Daniel B.
The first year I did the Freedom's Run half marathon it was cold and rainy. When we entered Antietam there was a foggy mist in the air, coming up off the wet earth, swirling low at our heels. Everyone grew quiet and we ran with one another as a reverent, unified group -- feeling the presence among us of those that fought for freedom on this hallowed ground so long ago. Of all the racing I've done over the years, it is one of my favorite race memories, recognizing how lucky I am to have the opportunity to push myself and do races thanks to the men and women that served then and the ones that continue to defend our freedom today. Each year I look forward to the feeling of connectedness to our country's history that I experience when I do the Freedom's Run.
Lara - Silver Spring, Maryland
I posted a Freedom's Run post race blog report at http://halfcrazedrunner.blogspot.com/2014/10/freedoms-run-half-marathon.html. My name is Elizabeth Candela, and I am a 9/11 widow. I am running in a half marathon in every state to show my children that you keep moving forward, positively. My 1/2 marathons races are also a testimony that they even though they killed my husband, they will not get my children, not in NY, NJ or any of the other 48 states!
Although this was a difficult course, it was by far my favorite. Excellent scenery, beautiful region and very friendly community. I also loved the medals, it was very thoughtful for someone to hand make. THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!
I came to run a trail as I love trail running but ended up dealing with hills, puddles, gradients and so much more that I don't get to experience when I train on a flat pancake course in Palm Beach FL. Best decision I ever made to run Freedom's Run Marathon. Thanks.
Manish Sheth - Boca Raton, FL
This was only my 5th marathon. I guess it was a little like the pain of childbirth (I deliver babies) or drinking to much (I have consumed on occasion) where (particularly during the post-Antietam pain) I swore I would never do it again... but less than one week out, I'm already planning my next race and next Freedoms Run. Overall great event, great experience!
Chad - Bethesda, MD
Love volunteering the night before and love running the race on race day. One of my favorite races in my own backyard, literally.
Teri Biebel - Shepherdstown
This was my first half ever, and it was a perfect race for it! The race was very organized, but still felt "small." Everyone was super nice, and you could tell all the volunteers wanted to be there. The course was challenging, but what's wrong with a challenge? I had no idea what to expect since it was my first, but it was a true joy to run with everyone. It was a beautiful day for a scenic race, and I beat my goal time by 15 minutes! Thanks for a fantastic first Half Marathon! Can't wait for my next!
I selected this race because I run everywhere in Baltimore and needed a change of scenery. Running through Harpers Ferry, Antietam, the C&O Towpath was just what I needed. The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful day to enjoy everything around you including the rolling hills of Antietam! It was a great race to feel alive!
Suzanne McDermott - Perry Hall, MD
Last year, my 19 year old son and I ran it together and it was his first marathon. This year, my 23 old daughter and I ran it together and it was her first marathon. Unforgettable memories and very special moments.
Gorgeous - the beauty makes up for the hills!
Not too crazy or inspiring, but my husband and I just found out that I'm pregnant with our first child (yay!). So I was at nine weeks when I ran and we had fun telling people it was "Baby's 1st Freedom's Run". The first of many, I'm sure :)
The Gallaghers - Shepherdstown, WV
Loved the scenic course and the small size. I have run many marathons and this was by far by favorite. Extremely well organized, local, and FUN!!!!!
Aubrey - Pittsburgh
This was my first marathon and what an awesome experience it was!! Everything from the beautiful scenery, great race staff and friendly volunteers made this day perfect. I had thought this would probably be my one and only marathon, but I'm already watching the web page so I can sign up again next year.
My best friend and I ran the event in 2011. He found the event on the internet and we traveled up and had a great experience. He passed away very suddenly in February. I felt a tug and a need to run this race again this year. I live in East Tennessee, a 7 1/2 hour drive with so much emotion tied to it. All I can say is thank you to all who made this trip and visit such a memorable event once again this year. Everyone was very friendly, the community embraces this event and the small town feel is heart warming. I felt the presence of my friend especially during the last couple of miles, and to top it off I qualified for Boston.
The event staff/volunteers were very encouraging every step of the way. It is great to have people cheering you on. A gigantic THANKS to all of them.
The event staff/volunteers were very encouraging every step of the way. It is great to have people cheering you on. A gigantic THANKS to all of them.
I was nervous because this was my first 10k, but I felt like it was a great course for that. It was beautiful, and I enjoyed it, and was able to reach my goal of running the whole way. I would say that this was my favorite race that I have run, and I have run quite a few 5ks. Thanks to everyone who helped put this together!
My husband ran his first half-marathon! It was my second. This is the same man that two years ago could only talk about how he "hates" to run:) He still won't admit to liking it but I think he realizes how good an example it sets for our four children and our friends to get and stay healthy.
The people, both race staff/volunteers and participants, were friendly and encouraging (plus I got a high five from a man on a tractor, can't beat that!). The organization was impeccable, from the starting area to the finish festival, with plenty of bathrooms, super-easy bag check, and my very own pint glass. It was my first rural race, but I promise it won't be the last.
In July of this year I made the decision to start running. I'm 41 and out of shape. I always thought that I couldn't do it; it seemed beyond my reach. I decided to try anyway, but I needed a goal--something to reach for. I found Freedom's Run on line and its October race date was perfect. I worked hard to meet my goal of running the entire course and I made it. I didn't finish first or last but that didn't matter. I was slow and winded but crossing that finish line made me realize that I can accomplish goals that are seemingly out of reach. It just takes hard work and determination.
As a 69 year old person with Parkinson's Disease it was important for me to participate and finish the Half. I am trying to encourage others with chronic diseases to keep on fighting and never give up.
I ran with 8 guys from all over the country (West Virgina, Maryland, Penn, Arkansas, Texas) We ran to raise money for African relief. I had a friend in Inwood WV that had heard a lot of great things about the 1st race and we decided to give it a shot. We were not disappointed!
Marathon - Longview, TX
Great organization. No ridiculous bathroom lines.
Half-Marathon - Frederick MD
It was great -- I really liked the multi-generational turnout for the events -- was a terrific race for our daughter's first race.
10K - State College PA
Scenic course and well organized by race staff
Marathon - Silver Spring, MD
The best part was the scenic nature of the course. Running through the battle field was awesome
Half marathon - Falls Church, VA
It was my first 5k EVER, I have always been a sprinter and never trained for anything more than a mile. I think once in my life I might've ran a 2 mile PT test with my mom, but that was when I was 10 or so and still couldn't run the whole thing. My goal for this 5k was to run in under 40 minutes and to run the entire thing, no matter what, I DID IT! I ran the entire thing, no stopping! Made me SO proud! I also finished the race in 36:37, no speed records, but a personal best!
5K - Martinsburg, WV
I loved the course. The trails followed by hills really broke up the monotony of a marathon. It was beautiful scenery.
Marathon - Sterling, VA
Everyone was very helpful, and it is a great location. Great spirit at the event, start to finish. Since I drove a long way (from Fairfax, VA), it was great to be able to take a shower afterwards. My family really enjoyed having lunch with me and walking around town afterwards.
5K - Fairfax, VA
The organization of all the events. Everything was one time and professional. Very nice job!
10K - Hagerstown, MD
Organization of race, small field, friendliness of volunteers, having a shower before the Octoberfest.
Marathon - Baltimore, MD
What was enjoyed? The size. The race was not crowded and had a community feel to it. It made it fun and enjoyable; even at mile 22!
Marathon - Beaufort, SC
Beautiful course, friendly volunteers, gorgeous weather - could not have asked for better! - plus history of the area....incredible.
Marathon - Vancouver, BC, Canada
It was small and INCREDIBLY well-organized. You all did an amazing job. The t-shirts and medal were great, the support along the course and at the finish were just wonderful. Best race I have ever run.
Half Marathon - Alexandria, VA
What was enjoyed? The volunteers at the aid stations, hands down. They were the most encouraging, kind, helpful, friendly people I've ever come across in a race. And the amount of food (good good food!) and water that was still remaining by the time I got there was incredible. I think there were only 20 people who finished behind me, but you'd think I was the first to pass the aid stations with the amount of food/water/etc. still there.
Marathon - Arlington, VA
I love this event and plan on doing it every year!!!
10K - Falling Waters, WV
I had read all of the reviews from last year's event and, though I was excited about the beautiful and historic course, I was intimidated by the number of times I saw "extremely challenging course." I began to regret deciding to make the Freedoms Run my first marathon. However, after it was all over (and I finished in one piece!) I wouldn't have wanted any other course to be my first marathon. Sure, the course was challenging, but the scenery and the comradery with the other runners who were also feeling the burn while scaling the hills of Antietam made it a wonderful and encouraging experience. I hope to be back next year for marathon #2!
Marathon - Ashburn, VA
The course was challenging, beautiful and well organized
Half-Marathon - Frederickton, NB, Canada
I love Freedom's Run! It was the reason I set a goal to run a 5k in 2009 and I moved up to the 10k this year. Next year, I will attempt the 1/2. My friends are amazed that I can do this, but I owe it all to Freedom's Run being in my back yard and being so welcoming to new runners. It is the event of the year in our little town and I will always be part of it. Thank you for making it accessible to everyone.
10K - Shepherdstown, WV
Several things about this event deserve to be in this category. 1.) This was such a pretty run. This was one of the main reasons I did this marathon, and it lived up to what I had hoped for. 2.) The organization was great, and the family friendly atmosphere was the best I have ever seen at a race. 3.) The aid stations were well placed, well stocked, and the volunteers were great.
Marathon -
The overall pursuit of sustainability and appreciation of history/nature.
Half Marathon - From Frederick, MD
Aid stations had a wider variety of food than any of the other 32 marathons I've run. It was very very nice to have.
Marathon - Herndon, VA
What was enjoyed? Everything. This was my 8th marathon and by far the best! I really appreciated the quality of the race, from the gorgeous course to the newton bags and shirts to the beautiful medal.
Marathon - Baltimore, MD
Two years ago, I had injured my back to the point that walking was difficult at best (one herniated disc with two bulging discs beneath it). I never thought I'd walk, normal, again... let alone run. This was my first 5k, and a testament that diet and exercise can help you achieve any goal set forth.
5K - Martinsburg, WV
This was my and my wife's first marathon, and we feel like after conquering the Antietam hills, we can do anything! Before the race, I thought for sure this would be our first and last marathon, but we signed up for the Baltimore (which is two weeks after the Freedom's Run) the very next day.
Marathon - New Market, MD
I'm a closet 50 state runner. I will most likely not get all 50, but I'll try. I've run mostly mediun to huge marathons. I ran Steamtown marathon in 08, loved it, and I was looking for that same feel this year. I'm glad I picked the Freedoms Run It was a perfect event. It is now ranked as one of my favorites out of the 19 that I've run. I look back, after every one, and ask myself Would I ever run this one again ? Well the answer is: YES, and it's at the top of my list. From the host hotel, to the town, and the race. I couldn't be happier. We were in town for 3 days, and I would have loved to stay an extra day. Keep up the outstanding work. I will be back. I promise !
Marathon - Milford, OH
The course was spectacular
Half Marathon - Afton, VA
The variable course scenery and the mix of terrain: open trail at the start, short run thru historic Harpers township. Ten scenic, shaded miles on the C&O. Ten miles is adequate. The hills around Antietam - I love them and, above all, rubbing shoulders with fellow marathoners. I've run 100 plus marathons - this was one of the best.
Marathon - Hedgesville, WV
this was my second Marathon. I originally signed up for it with my friend because she wanted to run her first marathon and another friend wanted to run her first half, and this race was at a convenient location and date for all of us. I then ran this race and finished in 2:49, which was better than my first marathon by 26 minutes (despite the fact that the course was pretty hilly)! We had a great time and enjoyed the scenic course!
Marathon - Pittsburgh, PA
Freedom's run was exactly what I was hoping for as a small town race with charm.
Marathon - LaJolla, CA
Extremely well staffed, on course and at finish. Great setting, delightful town. Small field size meant fewer problems getting to own pace
Half Marathon - Alexandria, Va.
Everything about it was fantastic. It was a 2 day event with fun activities - both running and non-running. It was so cool to hang out in the small college town. go to the shops, eat pasta dinner with other runners, celebrate after the run, etc. The course was really neat, enjoyable, interesting, and pretty. And, of course. challenging!
Half Marathon - Raleigh, NC
Kudos to the host hotel, Holiday Inn Express! They were top-notch service to the runners--from the race discounts to providing an early morning breakfast--I was most impressed with their ability to cater to the running crowd more than I've experienced in quite some time!!
Marathon - Sharon, MA
This was my first run. It's amazing how great everyone was to each other. I knew no one yet I felt like I was part of a new family when the race ended
10K - Kearneysville, WV
It was the most well-organized running event I have participated in. The eco-friendliness of every aspect of the event (even down to the organic cotton t-shirt!) was excellent
5K - Potomac Falls, VA
I was the last or second to last person at most of the aid stations after 5 miles. All of them were fully stocked and had ample water, gatorade, gels and snacks. I think it was the best support I have ever had as a back of the pack runner
Marathon - Annandale, VA
This was the best running experience of my life.
Half Marathon - Hedgesville, WV
Everything about that day was memorable. Perfect weather. Happy people. Beautiful town. It was the best day of life. I highly recommend it.
Marathon - Cumberland, MD
I'm a mom of 4 young kids who all did the kids run and loved the slide and moon bounce. I loved that it was family friendly and focused on the benefits of living an active lifestyle! The course was beautiful and challenging
Marathon - Chambersburg, Pa
I loved the fact that I could do this with my wife. Even though I could have gone a lot faster, it was great seeing her complete when she thought she never would. I thought the course was absolutely great. Don't try to flatten it. The more challenging the better. Maybe that should be part of the marketing -- "Freedom is not easy"
LTC Dustin Starbuck - Alexandria VA
Running through the battlefield. Very moving, I had no idea it would effect me this way-- I had to choke back sobs as I looked at the gorgeous grasses swaying in the wind over the mounds the soldiers built to lie behind during battle. Felt very grateful to them all. Very surprised by how beautiful the area is. Want to spend more time seeing area next time. For a first time event, I thought this would be a bit disorganized, but it was the best organized running event I have been to. Course was "hard" due to hills etc., but so inspirational I did not mind at all.
Sarah Parker - Colorado
(1) Superb volunteers - amazingly well-staffed course. (2) Emphasis on health/wellness - the way first-time runners/walkers were encouraged to participate (3) The challenging course (4) You didn't ask anywhere, but the shirts were great! This was an awesome event - well conceived, well planned, well managed - and a lot of fun. I'll be back! (Re #7 above: 'green' features were a neat touch and another impressive sign of the thoughtful planning for this race, but they didn't impact my decision to participate in the race.)
Lynette Johnson - Buena Vista, VA
1. the stairs coming off the bridge onto the C&O...seriously - that was FUN! 2. the volunteers were AMAZING! excited, fun, happy, wonderful! 3. seeing the 10k-ers on the C&O - that was SO motivating 4. AMAZING, INCREDIBLE scenery and history. Who cares if it was challenging? Even better. Don't change a thing! 5. seeing the half marathoners somewhere around mile 16...that was motivating! you planned it perfectly for those of us going the long haul...having fresh faces in TWO spots - just perfect! 6. super-duper snacks at the water stops (more like fuel stations!) one word - brownies. they were so yummy! 7. the crazy hat water stop people at mile 19 - loved 'em. Plus, they were history buffs that gave us as a good lesson as we were running through antietam. 8. weather was amazing! DON'T change the date, please! the early date allows for great weather AND time to run some of the other fall marathons (MCM, NYC, Richmond, etc.) 9. access to race staff - you were down to earth and genuinely excited to meet the particpants. It felt like a family - really great. something you can't fake or get with the other big races. 10. having our names shouted as we crossed the finish - those guys and gals were really good. 11. hands down, the best marathon I've run. and even though it took me 4 days to recover (those downhills were a doozie) I can't wait to come back next year!
Toni Aurilio- Jacksonville, NC
1) extremely beautiful course. 2) un-crowded start 3) good race support volunteers @ water stops, etc. Great job for a first run, and for a great cause.
Greg Vickers - Reston, VA
The friendliness of staff at packet pick up and pasta dinner. RAY at the finish who handed me an American Flag to carry across the finish (I served in SOmalia and it meant a great deal!) The fact that staff were encouraging and shaking hands a congratulating me at the finish. This was my first marathon...and quite memorable. I will be back next year! I applaud you for bringing together such wonderful people to create a very memorable experience. It was a beautiful and moving course. I teared up as I passed through Antietam, not because of weariness, but because of how beautifully moving the statues, monuments and scenery all were. It was also great to have runners to encourage who were passing by on the other side of the road!
Julie Buchikos - Vinton, VA
A FABULOUS experience on all counts. I'll never forget the "Mr Toad's Wild" bus ride from Shepherdstown to the start. The park ranger talk was a really nice touch & even coffee! The course was phenomenal! I'll never forget the sun rising over the river at mile 4. I'll never forget the hill after mile 14. This was marathon #17 for me & it's #1 in terms of course & very near the top in terms of organization (it's amazing that you guys pulled that off on the 1st one). I'll be back.
- Marvathon Maryland
A very tough Marathon ! Should be advertised as a challenge race. Very difficult and demanding! not for the beginner! I enjoyed running the canal!
Jack Ramsey -
All of it was great and thanks so much to you and all the people that volunteered to make the event such an excellent day. Looking forward to next year and running the marathon. Loved all the freebies and the glass of beer was great.
Lisa Kingsbury - Sheptown
all of the aid stations were very well organized and very prepared. This was a very good race. It was very challenging and difficult but very satisfying and a beautiful run.
Seth Pilarcik - Middletown MD
All the cheering along the way of the run and all the volunteer support.
Kelly H. Young - Shepherdstown, wv
As this was my first run, I loved the feeling of accomplishment and community. This was a perfect first run experience for me. I loved it and can't wait to do another, especially Freedoms Run again next year! My whole family was able to be involved and we had a great time at the post race festival. My mom, kids, and husband did the Fun Run, and my dad met us afterwards and enjoyed the post race music with us. It was a great day for our whole family. Thanks so much for bringing a wonderful event right to our own backyard!
Aaryn Wietz - Kearneysville, WV
Atmosphere and setting. Great event! I have done hundreds of races, and I would put this one in my top three in terms of scenery, organization, atmosphere, and fun.
Malcolm Lester - Washington DC
Beautiful challenging course. Loved the history and the participation of the park rangers. Well organized. A real runner's race. Looking forward to the medal. I'd certainly do this again.
Susan - Gaithersburg, MD
Beautiful course; well organized race. Thank you for a great race!
Whitney - Baltimore, MD
Beautiful course! Great organization, especially for a first run race! You guys really did a great job!
Jonathan Kelsey - Washington, DC
Being a local event. For a first year of a new race great job...
Simon Ayling - Shepherdstown
C & O Canal and surrounding area/towns are beautiful and important to maintain. It was great. We had a great time and would definitely do it again. Next year -- 10k
Carla Flaim - Baltimore, MD
Community involvement and support. Thanks. You could tell a lot of work went into the event, NPS, road, and police coordination, and the traffic control. A great job for a first event!
Glenn Gravatt - Harpers Ferry
Course was not congested with runners. Liked the finish area - family friendly, lots of room. Volunteers were friendly, great attitude. Tremendous job in race organization. I expected the first year to have lots of kinks to work out, but excellently run - I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks so much!
Jeff Kellogg - Shepherdstown
Even though it was so hilly, the half marathon was worth the challenge because of all the beauty around you. Wonderful small town race put on by a town I really enjoyed visiting! I loved just about everything!
Kristin Baur - Waldorf, MD
The event organization / logistics and the historic / scenic course. Just a huge thanks and congrats for everyone involved in planning and volunteering. My most memorable marathon. Everyone was helpful and friendly. The course was great with different surfaces, beautiful and historic countryside and trails.
Ken Szymanski - Bel Air MD
Everything, really. I loved how organized it was. I loved that it was close to home. I loved the recycling. I loved that there were ways for runners to give back to the community that allowed us to take over their small town, with being able to donate shoes, recycle, etc. This event is one that I will always be involved with and appreciate all the hard work that went in to making it happen! I also loved the after party! What a great way to celebrate the finish of your race! The runners were able to share their experiences and allow their families to be a part of the celebration instead of just sitting on the sidelines! I can't say enough about how wonderful this race was. I'm astounded at how well it was organized and the logistics of it all! I thought it would a nightmare with all those people in that little town, but I never felt crowded or frustrated with parking, traffic, etc. Thank you, thank you , Thank you!
Nikki Arvon - Martinsburg, WV
Everything! Finishing on Shepherds football field was a treat. This event was run like a well oiled machine.. Great event! I hope to run in this event for many years to come..
Brian Williams - Martinsburg, WV
Extremely organized and well supported Loved the shirt
Jennifer Erb - Fairplay,md
Extremely well coordinated. The event had a seemless flow from start to post finish. All of the event volunteers were very helpful. Overall, OUTSTANDING event!!! The event made me and my wife start to train more seriously for next years event, and even possibly run a few other races. It was also nice to see such a big event in our small town. Hope next year blows this year out of the water!
Ed Halavick - Shepherdstown
Finally, an area race longer than a 5K!!
Brian White - Winchester, va
Friendly atmosphere, permission to use i-pods Very appreciative of all of the time and effort put forth by the many folks involved in the planning and managing of these runs.
Patrick Blanc - Charles Town
From start to finish I look forward to running your race next year. Thanks for a great time.
John Rice - Martinsburg
Getting to participate in such a beautiful area. Although I live here, it was nice to see Shepherdstown from a different perspective. It made me proud to be a resident, and proud of our little town. Beautiful day, beautiful course, beautiful area--this is a really great idea, I hope it will be continued. I will definitely return to participate!!!
Lilli - Shepherdstown, WV
Great course. Will be back next year
David A. Snyder - Afton, VA
Great course and well organized. Challenging course, but that made it even better when you finished. Please don't take away the hills next year. They keep you honest.
Paul Campbell - St. Leonard, MD
Great course, friendly volunteers - well organized. This was my 93rd marathon and I have never seen the aid stations so well stocked - Powergels, Powerblasts, orange slices, bananas, and even brownies at Mile 21! Well done!!
Andrew - San Francisco
Great Healthy Community Event that can easily involve all the layers of the life cycle from children to elderly. Family event! This was such a great event for our community and outlined the history of the area also.
Linda Blanc - Charles Town, WV
Green Event, low cost, historic course Great Job for such a first time big event! Already on my race calendar for next year!
Rob Davies - Virginia
having a local event like this to participate in with my family and friends!
Jason Smith - Charles Town
How well the event was organized. We hope word gets around to those who didn't participate so the event will be even bigger next year. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.
Rod Llewellyn - Hedgesville, WV
Historic factor. This was a perfect day. Could not have been better.
Larry Schatz - Pennsylvania
I did the half-marathon. The course scenery was fantastic. We were lucky that the weather was so good. Even if it hadn't the location - course and the town of Shepherdstown - is very attractive, very appealing. Finishing in the stadium was great. I think that's a great welcome to the finishers - such a lively atmosphere. I have done the Frederick Marathon every year but the first. With it's new course, I will miss finishing in the baseball stadium. (Finishing on the horse race track is nice, but, seriously, not the same.) I would add that I found the hills of Antietam more challenging than I expected. It was my first time in Antietam, and, seeing how many runners were actually walking the hills - long stretches of us, more than once - I almost felt like I was in an ultramarathon. That said, I wouldn't change it. Some courses are meant to be more challenging than others. While I would do the half again - or the whole (depending on how close it is to the Baltimore Marathon) - I would not expect anywhere near a personal best. The course for the whole marathon sounds fantastic. Hitting those hills well after the halfway mark would be quite a 'wake up,' but I for one would not turn away from it.
Robert C. Smoot - Forest Hill, MD
I enjoyed how many activities there were and the encouragement of all participants and volunteers. I also thought that for a first time event there, it was well-organized! Great job motivating others to have fun, stay healthy, and help our environment!!!
Kris Connors - Lexington Park, MD
I enjoyed the historical aspect of the run and the aspect that I was supporting the local community.
Ron Johns - Martinsburg
I enjoyed the local "association" of the event. The pride and excitement that it was "in my back yard." That being said - kudos to Mark and his team for doing an outstanding job. My husband and I had committed to and registered for the Army 10-miler (which was run the following day) when we saw Freedom's Run announced. We wanted to support the efforts of Mark, the team of volunteers, and our community, so we ran the 5K. I promoted the event at my work in Virginia and 2 work associates completed the 10K and loved it. They plan to return next year. I wish local merchants would have "welcomed" participants more by shop window banners and even the bank electronic sign extending well wishes to participants. What a spectacular day it was. I think it was a fantastic turn-out for an inaugural event. I hope to train for and participate in the half or full marathon in 2010. I salute you all. I know you'll tweak the things that need a bit of adjusting for future events. I think you did a great job. I'm proud to have been part of your efforts.
Rebecca Ayling - Shepherdstown
I enjoyed watching the marathoners after I did my 5 K I was looking for a weekend getaway that involved history and outdoors, I decided to see if there was a 5K in the area and Freedoms Run became the main reason for getaway. Awesome!
Kevin Giorno - Philadelphia PA
I fell in love with Shepardstown and I don't think I've ran a more beautiful course. Overall, I had a great time and I would definitely come out again next year, and I've already recommended the race to others. I would warn people about how hilly the course is. I would also try to experiment with making the shirts out of wicking bamboo to make the race even more eco-friendly.
Robert Jahn - Alexandria, VA
I have been running for over 15 years, and this was the most beautiful....and most challenging race I have ever run. Thanks! Other than the couple of suggestions, the race was run very well for an inaugural event, and the volunteers were friendly, helpful, and very supportive. Great run, see you next year!
Barbara Arnold - Winchester
I liked the atmosphere of the event. It was my first race and everyone from the runners to the volunteers were friendly and welcoming
Samantha Allison - Hagerstown,MD
I liked the options of the different races (1-mile, 5K, 10K, Half-marathon and marathon). We made it into a family event and there was a challenging distance for everybody. The hills were relentless.
Jared McDaniel - Rockville Centre, NY
I loved the aura surrounding the freedoms run. For a first time participant in an organized raced, I became caught up in the excitement of the event and truly appreciated its dual focus of history and health. Fantastic!!! Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks to all the volunteers who made the Freedoms run a huge success. The event brought much positive attention to our beautiful state
Jacky Stocking - Martinsburg, WV
I loved the course - it was challenging and beautiful The bus transportation made it so easy to get into and out of town
Lisa Shanahan - Ashburn, VA
I greatly appreciated the degree of planning and organization! Great job!
Stacy Miller - Martinsburg
I loved the beautiful but challenging course, and the welcoming, positive attitude of all the participants and organizers. I definitely plan on coming back next year.
Stephen Bosco - Arlington, Virginia
I loved the course, however challenging it may have been. I think that you all did a fantastic job running several runs at the same time and I really enjoyed my run. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this event. I loved the course, I loved the way you all incorporated not only the parks, but other attractions into your festival. I loved the setting. I thought your volunteers were great. There may have been some minor annoyances, but hats off to you all--I'll come back!!!
Sabra Kurth - Havre de Grace, MD
I loved the course!!!! It was so beautiful, each part of it. I felt saturated in the course's beauty from start to finish. I choked up as we approached Harper's Ferry over the pedestrian bridge and as we ran through Antietam. I felt like I was part of something very special, and I loved how runners would go over and read the markers. The flat section on the C&O helped us save up for the hills to come. The volunteers and water stops were EXCELLENT... GREAT volunteer support. Thanks to them. Also, I loved that I did not have to drive to the start from my hotel, and that we were shuttled back to River Riders, also right next to my hotel. Loved the shirt, too, although i wish it was women's specific! I also really liked the multiple events happening simultaneously. I have no idea how, but it seemed to work, and it was fun continuing to "run" into other runners, both 10K and 1/2 marathoners, as we marathoners were on our journey. Kept it interesting! The size of the event was perfect for my tastes. I LOVED THIS MARATHON... one of the absolute favorite runs I've done. Oh, and price of entry was really reasonable! Thank you so much for hosting this outstanding event. The memories will live with me for a long long time.
Mary Gersema - Washington, DC
I loved the course. Very scenic and challenging too You did an super job, a lot of fun! I tell every body that. All the volunteers were great too! Nice job!
Steve P - Middletown, Md
I loved the friendly atmosphere, the rural and natural scenery, and getting to run in the parks. Ending with a souvenir glass and a free beer was a great perk, too.
Donna Childress - Arlington, Va
I thought the course was well planned. I enjoyed running through the Battlefield, historic town, and along the canal. This was a great event. We enjoyed visiting Sheperdstown and the festival. It was evident that a lot of effort was put into this event and I really appreciated it. I thought everything went very smoothly for a first-time event, especially one of that magnitude. I have already started recommending this run to my friends for next year.
Jenn Whiteis - Arbovale, WV
I thought the half-marathon course was absolutely beautiful. The aid stations were right where they needed to be. Everything from packet pick-up to the post-race party was well organized. I was very impressed with the facilities of where the packet pick up was as well as the overall ease of getting to the start line. The post-race party was great and it was a good idea to have it within walking distance of the finish line.
Alexis McCoy - Washington, DC
I was so impressed w/ packet pick up - the best I have ever seen, having run many similar races. Kudos on a seamless process. Your volunteers were the friendliest I have encountered. I was so happy to have been apart of the inaugural year! Extremely happy we participated! Typically run the Baltimore Half - and ran this instead in 2009. Couldn't have been happier to make the switch!
Betsy C. - Frederick, MD
It was a beautiful (if extremely challenging) course. It also gave me an excuse to visit the Shepherdstown/Harper's Ferry area for the first time, which I absolutely loved. Overall, a great race. Yes, it was the toughest half I've ever run and I was cursing the hills all the way, but I have a feeling I'll be back next year.
Molly - Arlington, VA
It was a big race in my hometown, the organization and support were awesome!!!! This was my first half marathon and I loved it!! The crowd support was great and I loved the part through Antietam:):) I run better on hills and I had a great time. I would definitely do it again. The fact that it is so close to where I live is a major plus as well!!!
Michelle - Harpers Ferry, WV
It was close by and very well organized. Every runner was important. I got more than my money worth
Tom Huffman - Keedysville MD
It was extremely organized. The staff/volunteers were very nice and supportive. I really liked us being able to take the bus to and from the event. It was very generous of the local people and businesses to donate their time and buses. My sister, her niece, and I decided to participate. We discovered that Shepherdstown is a great "family reunion" spot for us because it is the half way point between NJ and NC. This was my first half marathon walk. The course was very challenging, but I feel very good about finishing it. The volunteers were very nice, supportive and encouraging along the way. I really appreciated them. I really like the fact that we had 5 hours to complete because I thought I could complete 13.1 miles in that time. That was enough incentive for me to practice and give it a try. My goal was to complete the walk. Now I am encouraged, motivated and working on speeding up my pace. We have decided to make this a yearly family event along with participating in other half marathons throughout the year. We have caught the half marathon bug!!! That wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the great experience we had at the Freedom's Run. Thank you very much!! I can’t wait to return next year! :)
Elizabeth Ridout - New Jersey
It was just an overall great race. Also the emails kept us well informed.
Felicia Albert - Thurmont, MD
Locality of the race, historical aspect, enthusiastic volunteers.
Larry Herman - Frederick, MD
location location location I was very impressed with the whole event. The welcoming of all abilities was encouraging to many novices.A great way to showcase why the region is such a terrific place to live or visit.
James Murray - Shepherdstown
May favorite part of the challenging Freedom's Run was the beautiful scenery. Overall, this was a great race! The race director did a wonderful job in the inaugural year! The volunteers were wonderful and extremely supportive! Great job everyone!
Stacey - Beavercreek, OH
Nice to visit a historical area and enjoy the scenery.
Pat Mooney - Catonsville, Maryland
Overall integration and coordination of the pre-race, race and post-race events. It was very enjoyable to attend the Oktoberfest after the race and also to learn more about my local area. I've been running in organized races for 33 years and Freedom's Run is the best race I've been to in over 20 years.
Keith J - Shepherdstown
Perfect weather, shuttle service. Nice scenic run, very challenging course. Some of the course interacted with traffic too much. I saw one marathoner coming back through Shepherdstown almost get run over by an impatient driver.
Jim - Boonsboro
proximity, scenic... I happened to like the shirts too! Great effort on the part of the volunteers, for an inaugural run I think this was a huge success. More more more!
Katie Dyke - Shepherdstown, WV
Really enjoyed the volunteers and race organizers! Best ever! Overall we had a great time...met some friendly people and enjoyed the magnificent scenery. Our only problem was the hilly course.
Mike & Jodie - Arlington, Va
running along the Potomic great job !
Jack Illar - Somerset, PA
running in the Park admire the organizational skills to put something like this together - great job!
Mike DiLeo - Knoxville, MD
Running on the flat and mostly even C&O canal trail and finishing the 5K without walking at all. We weren't able to stay for the Oktoberfest this year but hopefully timing will work out for next year.
Kelley Dempsey - Frederick, MD
Running through Antietam Battlefield I enjoyed running through history, even with a broken toe. Glad to hear that finisher medals will be provided, especially for us 50 States runners. I look to run this again.
Bill Moeller - Texas
Running through so much history and scenic beauty Having done all of the big local marathons. The Freedom Run was a welcomed mix of charm and challenge. So much that I was able to set a new PR.
Heath Gibson - Frederick
Running through the historic parks. The early start in the moonlight running through the farm was great.
Carol - Illoinois
Running through the historic sections. Everyone did a great job. Nicely done everyone.
Doug - Harpers Ferry
Running through the parks--Antietam is beautiful. Also, the aid station volunteers were awesome. I had a great experience for my first half marathon. Thanks so much!
Elizabeth B. - Washington DC
Sense of community and excitement What a great day. You got a lot of local people moving! there were a lot of people of all ages that would have otherwise spent the morning lounging in front of the television.
Rob Hoxton - Shepherdstown
Shaded, wooded trail. Mark, this was my first organized race since I had two heart surgeries last year. Had part of my aorta replaced with something synthetic and had aortic mechanical valves inserted. So it was quite the accomplishment from not being able to walk for 5 mins to running 10K a year later. I used to do marathons and your run was my first all-important step back. I also just got married a month ago.! Kudos to you for a great run that played a giant part in my life and well being.
Andrew Sterling - Fairfax, VA
small scale of the race no medal? Loved the course although I would be sure to advertise it as a tough Marathon course (miles 14-19 rolling hills). Good overall job
chris wilde -
Sunrise on the river This was a very well planned event. The communication prior to event was very much appreciated. The history of the people involved was quite impressive and was the main reason I decided to do this. The focus on people,their health and the environment made a very impressive statement.
Jean "Mama Jean" Evansmore - MD
The "health and heritage" moto along with the wide variety of races encouraged and welcomed people of all ages and fitness levels to participate in the Freedom's Run. Outstanding job organizing this event. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to next year.
Jennifer Burkhardt - Charles Town, WV
The 9:00am start time was great. Not too early and not too late, unlike Frederick Marathon's 6:30am which is just brutal.
Terri - Knoxville, MD
The atmosphere, the beautiful scenery. Big town run in a small town setting. Overall a fantastic experience. The things we received for registering were more than we expected and the glass and free drink was a nice added touch.
Theresa Biebel - Shepherdstown, WV
The balance between a "serioius" race and a "fun" race, very well done, looking forward to next year.
Warren Warcholik - Myersville, MD
The Battlefield--sacred ground. The locals coming out to cheer us on…..I enjoyed the course immensely.
Caroline Elisabeth Williams - Arlington, VA
The beauty of the course, it was well organized and fun. You all did a great job!! Volunteers were all so nice and encouraging!
Christine Foster - Martinsburg
The beauty of the run and the kindness and helpfulness of the other runners and volunteers…
Shellie Leedham - Greencastle, PA
he challenge I think the combination of races is a great idea. I especially liked the way the runners crossed paths on the second half of the marathon. It was fun to see the leaders of the 10k go by and finishing with the half-marathoners was neat. It was great to receive encouragement from the other runners and to root for them as well. A hard course but very well organized. I'll be back!
thomas wilson - harrisonburg, va
The challenge. I began the race intending to break 4:00 for the first time. I got nowhere close, but completing the challenging course with my best effort was still very rewarding. I wouldn't recommend anyone plan to set a new PR on this course, but I would recommend it for anyone who seeks the satisfaction derived from overcoming a very difficult challenge.
Eric Casler - Fort Belvoir, VA
The challenging marathon course. loved the hills and it would take away alot from the race if any were eliminated. I enjoyed the small marathon field. I'm not sure how many more I would allow before it became to crowded and congested. It was a very relaxed and nice atmosphere. Awesome course. This was my 6th marathon and my favorite by far. I thoroughly enjoyed the route, hills, and historic scenery! For a first time, I don't know how it could have been organized any better. The volunteers were awesome and I'd like to thank each one individually. Loved the poster and look forward to the medal, which was a pleasent surprise. Thanks!! Oustanding event. I'll be back!
Christopher Meadows - Christiansburg, Va
The course was just fantastic. I thought that it was marked well and well supported. The "green" part made it even better. It was also cool that we passed the half marathon participants. For local people that know other runners, it was fun to look for people. I ran with group and my husband met us at several points on the cource for race support. Thanks
Pam Clemmer - Hagerstown
The course views were incredible. I like running through Antietam and running through Antietam means running hills, but the course seemed kind of brutal.
Brian Jack - Williamsport, MD
The course was amazingly beautiful!!!! I've never run a marathon that was so scenic!!!! It doesn't get any better! Make sure everyone knows where to get food and drink after the race…
Margaret - Maryland
The course was challenging and diverse the mix of hills, flats, and varying surfaces kept me asking what's next. The stadium finish was great! Thanks for organizing such an outstanding event. I've run for over 20 years in numerous states and this was the best event I have participated in. Keep it at the size it is it was just right!
Brian Carlstrom - Middletown, MD
The course was so beautiful, the weather was perfect and everyone was friendly. Water and aid were available. The event was well organized and the day was perfect. hank you for a fabulous day!
Bobbie Chase - Christiansburg, VA
The course was unexpectedly challenging, but I still got a personal best time. Walking around Shepherdstown after was lovely.
Erin Julius - Hagerstown, MD.
The course, while very challenging, is one of the most scenic I have ever run.Looking forward to next year!!
Steve Thurmont - Md
The efficient organization, the enthusiasm/support of the volunteers, the green aspects. I loved the community spirit and a very special quality of the day, the week-end, and the event.
Suzanne Offutt - Shepherdstown
The emphasis on local history. I was extremely impressed by the high degree of organization and operation of the event.
Charles S. Connolly - Martinsburg, WV
The enthusiasm and friendly nature of the volunteers This was a very challenging race, but it was absolutely beautiful. PERFECT weather and time of year. The elevation map does not warn people in advance of what the hills will be like at the end. Knowing that they are coming would be good for people who do not have the ability, or take the time, to drive te race in advance. The small town atmosphere and community involvement was really refreshing. I loved your race. I WILL be back again. GREAT job to all who were involved - especially for a first time race! GREAT GREAT job!
Bev Church - Henrico, VA
The fact that it was a local event and very easy to get to. Also, getting my picture on the front page of the Martinsburg Journal (#47) was quite a thrill! The website was a great resource. I really liked the fact that you posted the race course along with all the aid stations so I knew what to expect as far as water stations were concerned. This was my first marathon. It's always been a dream of mine to run one but the logistics of getting to any of the ones I knew about were too difficult. When I heard about this one I couldn't wait to sign up. You all did a great job. Thanks for putting this together and helping me realize my dream.
Elaine Clark - Harpers Ferry
The fact that it was a perfect day for the race. You must have some great connections. I did like running thru the battlefield I thought that was the best part of the race. I am a local resident of Shepherdstown and this was my first race event, I ran the half marathon. So i didn't know what to expect. I was very impressed with the race and the event as a whole. Very well organized. The impact on the town seemed to be very positive. Look forward to the race next year and plan to run the full marathon.
Robert Leland - Shepherdstown WV
The first 15 miles were awesome. I liked passing the half, and 10K'ers along the course. Volunteers were great. The post race bags were simply dumped on one side of the entrance with no one watching them. Volunteers at finish did not know where bags and transpo were.
Stuart Siegler - NH
The forgiving terrain for the first 1/2 of the marathon and the historic aspect of the 1/2 half. Very nice inaugural, the finish at the stadium was great and a nice place to meet family.
Valerie Kilcoin - Middletown, NY
The friendliness of both the volunteers and the other runners. It was an amazing event to be a part of and the encouragement of other runners kept me going even when I wanted to quit! When I first finished, I thought, "never again". But now, I can't wait to do it again and I'm even planning on running other marathons.
Kathleen Sutton - Shepherdstown, WV
The friendliness of the voulunteers. The beautiful town.
Tammie Balon - Boyce, VA
The half marathon course was challenging, but beautiful. I liked that it included both uphills and downhills. I thought the run was one of the better runs I have participated in. I honestly can't think of anything you could've done better.
Danielle - Alexandria, VA
The historic and scenic aspect
Shaun Herron - Martinsburg, WV
The historical features of the area and the fact that the marathon went through the Natl Parks and battlefields. (Finishing the marathon) THANK YOU TO ALL the people who put on the events! Especially to Matt and the Park Service Head Ranager who thought up the idea and did all the work to bring it to reality - and for your commitment to the people and youth of your community! Great Job!! Running the marathon was not a piece of cake but it was sweet to think about your commitments to your community and to the history along the marathon route
Dick Heuser - Freehold, NJ
The history of the area is what pulled me into the marathon. I was going to sign up to run the 5K, and then I saw the marathon course and decided to train to walk it instead. It was worth the training to me to be able to walk through all four parks, and the course did not disappoint. I got to experience the area in a way I never would have otherwise. This is the first marathon I've walked. After this race I was looking on the Internet at other marathons, and I realized just how well organized this one was - it's hard to believe this was a inaugural race!! Plus, the volunteers at the aid stations/driving the shuttles and people in the town couldn't have been nicer. Thank you so much for allowing walkers to participate in the marathon. It really was a fantastic experience for me.
Janet - Arlington, VA
The location and the course I went to school in Shepherdstown. Running this event was like coming home.
Dan Gillogly - Lovettsville, VA
the location, and the volunteers were great! Oh, and the massage afterwards I never received a metal.
Gena Roberge - Silver Spring, MD
The marathon course - it was beautiful, extremely challenging, and unforgettable. It's the hardest marathon course I have run - by far. I put it at the top of my personal achievements list. I thank you many times over for giving me the opportunity to find in myself what I found on that marathon course.
Rob - Gaithersburg, MD
The marathon was fantastic. The entire event was well organized, the volunteers were outstanding, and the course was quite challenging.
Paul Fillmore - Stafford, Va
The nice flat 10K course for beginners like me, the event at the Bavarian was awesome, showers at the Wellness Center was a HUGE plus for me, the shirts are awesome, having a bag check was VERY helpful, and I'll definitely be using some of those coupons in my holiday shopping this year! LOVED it! I've already decided that I'm going to train for the half-marathon next year, and I'm not even a 'runner!' GREAT job everyone! The logisitics, the coordination, the set-up and tear down....I can't even imagine. You should be VERY proud of yourselves!!!
H Fiona Harrison - Charles Town
The organization was incredible. The trail was beautiful. The hills were HARD! The Race Director and volunteers were awesome!
Hank Domeracki - Austin, Texas
The parks, the history, the race course, the overall beauty of it all. What ever you do, DO NOT change the marathon course. Sure there are some large hills in the back half, but the back half is the best part of the course. Loved everything about the race. Next year I plan on spending a least one more day exploring the parks. There is a good chance I will come out for a run, in the next couple of months and will also explore the area history.
v - Richmond, Va
The people and volunteers were incredibily helpful and encouraging. My sister visited Harper's Ferry while I ran the marathon and really enjoyed her day. I appreciated most that even though I was a slow finisher (8:13) the volunteers were still out there and very kind. The encouragement I received here will keep me on my journey to finish the 50 states. I am extremely grateful for that. Again, kudos to the race director and all the volunteers. As a Georgia resident, I may not run this particular race, but I have encouraged family and friends to visit this area.
Ellen Morris - Monroe, GA
The People were great!!! Last year at this time, I was recovering from a terrible motorcycle accident. The doctors told me that I would probably not be able to walk again or if i did, it would be with the aid of a cane or walker after years of rehab. It really felt good to not only walk again, but to run in your a event. It was a great for me and my family and we look forward to participating in future events. Thanks,
Jet Reid - Greencastle, PA
The people were helpful and the other runners were friendly. The environment was quite enjoyable.
Nicole - Martinsburg, WV
The people were incredible. Warm smiles and positive attitudes. The best race I've done! Brilliant!!
Taylor Chapman - Shepherdstown
The plentitude of fuel at the stops set up along the course, no matter how long you took to finish. I wish I knew how hilly Antietam was! I wound up walking the last 13.1 due to the hills and wanting to save my knees.
Julie Miller - Frederick, MD
The positive vibe, the locale, the different variety of race courses/lengths, and the size of the race field. Thanks for a great event. I was motivated just to see all the active and healthy people converge on the Shepherdstown area for a great cause. My young sons enjoyed the Kids' Fun Run, and they weren't done when the race ended. When we got home, they were anxious to go running again. It was a great day for all of us.
Joe H. - Harpers Ferry
The race course was spectacular. Good job on the first go.
Colin Henning - Elkins WV
The run , and I thought the extras were nice
Russell Davis - Clear Spring
The run along the Potomac.
Liz - Vienna, VA
The scenery. have the showers closer to finish line.
richard pimentel - Indio, California
The scenery and encouragement around the course was exceptional. And I loved the lady with Red Sox cap and the cowbell!!! It was my first half-marathon. I had a wonderful time and expect to run (better) next year.
Paul Wester - Beltsville, MD
The scenery is beautiful, just like I expected. Overall, great event. Congrats to all of you that worked so hard. Definitely look forward to the 2010 run.
Mike Slover - Charles Town
The scenery of the course was lovely. Great race, good course, plenty of aid & refreshments. Thanks for putting it together. I'm sure it will be even better next year!
Teddy Latenite - Berkeley Springs, WV
The scenery. Overall I think it was a great success. It was well organized and if I run another marathon it will be this one. Great 1st time experience. Beautiful scenery. Those hills are so hard! What a challenge.
Kyle Bekelja - Kearneysville, WV
The senic course through history. The frequent water stops with gel, etc. at every stop.
Rick Harmer - New Windsor, MD
The sense of a community embracing its history and looking forward to a healthier future for our children. The child-friendly nature of this event not only made it easier as a parent, but showed children that running (exercise) is fun, normal, and possible for all ages and shapes.
Traci Morris - Shepherdstown
The showers in the University #1 first class touch, the beautiful course especially through downtown Harpers Ferry. Also, the post race at the Bavarian Inn was awesome!!!!! The band was good and played good music (Steely Dan etc). Great first time event and I see a following.
Doug Sullivan - Clarksville, Md.
The size, people and scenery took me back to my high school cross country days when I ran through corn fields in Minnesota. I had never seen Antietam before and I can't imagine a better way to experience it. I loved it!
Claire - DC
the sprit of the participants Thanks. It wa a grat event for Shepherdstown Thanks. It was a great event for Shepherdstown.
Richard Horowicz - Shepherdstown
The town is so quaint. I would like to come back and stay longer. I like how the 10K half and full all ended in the same area….
Kristen Faith - Baltimore, MD
The variety of people of that participated in all the races... the marathon course was beautiful albeit challenging through Antietam. Seeing the sun rise coming to the bridge at Harpers Ferry was breathtaking... Great job for inaugural race. …
Jack - VA
The very friendly race staff, the atmosphere, the excitement in the air, the vendors, the Oktoberfest. It was a great experience for me. I didn't think you would be able to sqeeze that many participants on those little roads, but you did a fantastic job!
Rhonda Myers - Fairfield, PA
The way that each race was organized from start to completion. Kudos to the entire organization for a job so very well done.
Carlo A. Micale - Hedgesville, WV
The weather was perfect and the scenery absolutely breathtaking. I don't particularly enjoy running uphill, but when I did, I could count on a breezy, easy downhill! I shared the experience with a couple of coworkers- positive peer pressure has its rewards.
Diane Seals - Winchester, VA
the well stocked aid stations I would like a finishers medal if there are any left over. the 1/2 marathon course was the toughest course I have ever done.
Katie Rosenbrook - Berryville,VA
This was a great grassroots effort that succeeding in inspiring young and old to run for health and community spirit. The Run's designers chose a beautiful, but challenging trails and roads that led runners through small town America and a good stretch of American history to boot. Many friends and family told me that they would return next year, and that they'd run a further distance than they had this year. That is a true measure of success.
Jason Rolfe - Shepherdstown
This was my first organized run so I was unsure of how the logistics would work, however I was very impressed by the ease with which I was able to register and participate. The website offered all of the information I needed to feel comfortable with the details.
Julia Connell - Charles Town
Very challenging as I run on mostly flat courses. Enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the half. I was attracted to the race because of the "green"ness of it. I think it was a massive undertaking that turned out exceptional.
KD Hamel - Burke, VA
Very nice half marathon course. Well organized. Nice free stuff! Didn't have a chance to stay for post race events. I drove in that morning from Silver Spring then drove home afterwards. I'd do the race again. I'm usually always signed up for a fall marathon so I'll either return and do the marathon or the half again. Thank you. Overall, I thought it was a great half marathon. Sometimes when there's a marathon / half combo at the same time, the half marathoners get the 'worse' part of the course (not as scenic, etc). This half course was beautiful. Loved the last 3 miles on the C&O.
Keri Jacobs - Silver Spring, MD
Very nice run through the battlefield. Excellent overall course. Great time of year. Not an overcrowded event. Excellent job! I really enjoyed the run. Best 1/2 marathon course I have run. Though I did not stay in town, I have visited previously and have really enjoyed the town.
Chris - Reston VA
Very organized, liked the free massage/acupuncture tent afterward Great job!
Meg Z. - Shepherdstown, WV
Very well done event. Affordable. Proximity to Hagerstown where I live.Overall - a day of great fun. I especially enjoyed the event up at the Bavarian Inn.
Steve Johnson - Hagerstown, MD
Very well organized and good pre-/post-race communications; good/interesting - albeit challenging course. I was VERY impressed with this race and the great organization of everything. I was also really happy to see the strong commitment to environmental sustainability, connection to the heritage of the area, and desire to help improve the health of the community. What a great mix. Thanks!
K. Mattice - Hagerstoen, MD
very well organized, good course support, challenging course, small event (not too crowded!), liberal finishing time (my boyfriend did the early start) I have run many of the big marathons (NYC, Chicago, Marine Corps) but would do this one again in a heartbeat. The beautiful scenery, friendly volunteers and sense of history make this event one that will soon be on every runner's "must-do" list!
Kristin Swanson - Reston, VA
Volunteers, history of the area, weather Had a great time and was glad I could finish the marathon.
Luanne Turrentine - Centreville, VA
What awesome organization! We travel on the East coast to various triathlons and races...and this was fantastic. Congratulations on such a fine first year event!
Kim Cumbie - Harpers Ferry
wonderful historic course
Scott Finnell - Pittsburgh
st run,had a great time. Great event!
Danny - Boonsboro, MD
This was a wonderful race experience! Well organized and orchestrated; it was a pleasure to take part in this race and I'm hopeful it will turn into a yearly event!
Katrina Bigelow - Emmitsburg, MD
The hills and difficulty of the course was not fully disclosed and as a result may have disappointed those that ma have been trying to qualify for Boston
Larry Cunningham - Frederick
This was a great first race for me. Looking forward to next year's run!
Nitasha - Martinsburg