Rain or Shine!

9/29/2016 | Mark



Top Stories This Week

9/24/2016 | Mark

Big Time Race in Small Town America
Freedoms Run Aims For Health of State and Nation

Why Freedom's Run from WVHUB

9/3/2016 | Mark

 Great article on the roots of our event .  Come join us!

Top 10 USA Today

7/31/2016 | Mark

 Cool recognition for a small town grass roots event

Half The Man He Used to Be and Disease Free

6/14/2016 | Mark

 Read about Phillip Brenneman and join him for Freedoms Run

Video 2015 Freedom's Run

2/4/2016 | Mark

Enjoy the scenes from the race and the stories of our runners.  Join us in 2016!

Best Races State by State

11/29/2015 | Mark

Freedom's Run on the Short List. come run Oct 1 2016



Live Life with More "Vigah"

8/21/2015 | Mark

New for 2015 the Freedoms Run/JFK 50 Mile challenge

30 min grace on JFK qualify time for Freedoms course

Read More here

Freedom's Run Supports Parks

7/7/2015 | Mark

One of the many causes of Freedoms Run

C & O Canal Classrooms

Post Race Posts from Runners

10/10/2014 | Mark

Amazing Freedoms Run Video Here

Telly started with the 10k , then progressed to the Half, and last Saturday completed the Full Marathon

A couple more fun FR adventures

New 2013 Movie

8/28/2014 | Mark

We made a video from 2013 Freedom's Run. Enjoy and share!



"Must Do Race" Competitor Magazine

8/28/2014 | Mark

Pick up September Issue of Competitor and read about Freedom's run as a "Must Do Race"

Freedom's Run top destination race

4/10/2014 | Mark

Freedom's Run named as one of best races to travel for in the US! come join us in 2014.

Race news

10/13/2013 | Mark


Preview Article-

Race Day-

Marathon Couple-

Let Freedom's Run Ring

10/2/2013 | Mark

Nice article today from the Journal

Highlight Race Runners World October issue

9/28/2013 | Mark

The historical route and race organization has earned a "Top 25 Half Marathon" by Runner’s World Magazine in February 2013 and is the Highlight Race in October 2013 Runner’s World. Read here.


Friday! In the High Country Premier and Freedom Runner Jamie Summerlin

8/13/2013 | Mark

Special Event Race Weekend
In the High Country 
World Premier Movie Tour
Meet World Class Anton Krupicka and filmmaker Joel Wolpert
Oct 11 6pm and 8pm   FREE
Special Guest West Virginian Jamie Summerlin
Author of "Freedom Run" based on his Run Across America to Honor US Military
Time 5pm at Opera House and 4 and 7 at Pasta Dinner

Sam Wabnitz- from 5k to Half

11/1/2012 | Mark

Read 9yo Sam's fun and amazing story of lining up in the wrong event and then embracing the moment.

Freedom's Run by GoPro

11/1/2012 | Mark

Thank you Cody, Dustin, and Paul for sharing this wonderful and creative video of Freedom's Run Marathon

Post Race Articles

10/16/2012 | Mark

Here are a couple nice reads from the Journal.  Race has local draw. The Marathon Doctor...2 time winner and Team Two Rivers Treads runner David Hryvniak.  Watch the nice video from this link too with the kids run!



Thanks You All

10/16/2012 | Mark

Thank You Volunteers and Runners for making 2012 a great success.  Come back for our 5th Anniversary in 2013!

Revved to Race

10/10/2012 | Mark

Lead Article in the Spirit of Jefferson.  Read Here.

Race will be open to register Friday at Expo and Saturday morning

10/10/2012 | Mark

Bring your friends!  Perfect weather and fall colors await. We'll keep the races open to register race weekend.  No Race Day marathon registrants.

Freedom's Run and the Natural Running Movement

10/7/2012 | Mark

A nice blog from our friends at the Thomas Shepherd Inn

Kids Shoe Giveaway

9/30/2012 | Mark

Get excited about the kids run and let your kids run in minimal shoes for their health! Watch our video of this fun day.  Thank you VivoBarefoot

Our Causes

9/25/2012 | Mark

Freedom's Run is all about creating an environment of health for future generation.  Read about us here.

Filling up Fast

9/25/2012 | Mark

Half, 10k, 5k filling up fast so sign up now.  We promise beautiful fall leaves and sunshine....ok we promise the leaves but the weather will be better than 2011.

Amazing Story

9/25/2012 | Mark

Father and Son and Freedoms Run Half Marathon....a must read

Freedom's Run on Natural Running Center

8/20/2012 | Mark

Read about Freedom's Run on our Natural Running Education site

Read about FR 2011

10/3/2011 | Mark

Rain does not dampen the Freedom's Run spirit and yes the kids insited we run in the puddles.

Read about it here and here from The Journal

Here's a link to  Washington Running Report article.

A nice Blog from Jana from NYC.


Nice Pre-Race Features

9/21/2011 | Mark

Shenadoah Press article by Mary Everhart on founding of Freedom's Run and fun YEP piece by Heather Crosby.  It takes a massive all volunteer committee and race weekend crew to pull this off....thank you!

Small Town Event with a Large Footprint

8/27/2011 | Mark

Freedom's Run a small town event with a large footprint. See story. Final preparations for Freedom's Run on pace.  See story.


The ispirational Don Taylor

8/27/2011 | Mark

Don Taylor age 80 will return to Freedom's Run.  View the inpsirational video

Freedom's Run a Park Prescription

8/1/2011 | Mark

See the National Park Prescription site.  Freedom's Run is a prescription for your health.  Trust me..I'm a doctor :)  From Dr. Mark your Race Director is now live

7/15/2011 | Mark

Freedom's Run race director Dr. Mark Cucuzzella has just launched Natural Running Center a new site devoted to all aspects of healthier running and has reviews and specs of over 100 minimal and flat shoes...check it out!

Freedom's Run on Merrell Barefoot Tour

5/20/2011 | Mark

Jason Robillard, author of Barefoot Running Book, will host clinics as part of Freedom's Run...come join in the fun!


Two Rivers Heritage Half Marathon a Success

5/16/2011 | Mark

Beautiful Half Marathon through the Battlefields.  See post race article.

Nice prerace article .

Freedom's Run Race Reports

10/5/2010 | Mark

Nice Story in Washington Running Report by Karen Gardner

Dana's incredible story in Pictures

Daniele Seiss - A Sense of Place–that can only be gotten from a race

Higher Miles: Abbi's Inspiring story - Part 1 and Part 2

Health and History Merge- National Park Trust

David James Breaks Free.

Teri Biebel- a Freedom's Run Success Story

Freedom's Run from Afghanistan

Freedom’s Run a real big winner

Marathon attracts thousands

Freedom’s Run enjoys another successful year

Area's Finest hit the Road

Nice blog from Grace of New Orleans


Freedom's Run- A Race with a Focus for a Healthier Generation

9/28/2010 | Mark

Freedom's Run....a race about Health. Read more

Freedom's Run Video

8/23/2010 | Mark

Freedom's Run part of America's Great Outdoors Initiative (attaching Parks for health)...we are 5 min into the video

For our brief 60 second video watch here

Community Trail and Garden Complete!

8/10/2010 | Mark

The first community and school trail, garden, and wetland is complete at Page Jackson Elementary. Read more. More on Freedom's Run mission 

Two Rivers Treads/ Freedom's Run HQ makes September Running Times

8/10/2010 | Mark

Read about the new FR HQ selling only flat running shoes in September issue of Running Times p14.  In 5 years this will be a normal thing.

Freedom's Run Filling Fast

8/8/2010 | Mark

Runners around the country are filling our race.  See article.

Freedom's Run HQ- a medical model for running shoes

7/3/2010 | Mark

Read about Two Rivers Treads- run healthier with less on your feet.

Shepherdstown Chronicle article , State Journal WV business  article

Scroll the Running Front blog

Amby Burfoot Visits Freedom's Run

6/30/2010 | Mark

Freedom's Run was proud to host 1968 Boston Marathon Winner and Runners world Editor Amby Burfoot to FR HQ.

Read more here and here

Barefoot in the Park with Chris McDougall

5/24/2010 | Mark

Born to Run author explores Shepherdstown and Freedom's Run course while participating in some barefootin' and ChiRunning. Town enjoys fun run (video) and book talk (video, video) at Mellow Moods Coffee House .

Two Rivers Treads Opens

5/24/2010 | Mark

Come visit the New Freedom's Run Headquarters in Shepherdstown .  Two Rivers Treads Center for Natural Walking and Running.  A shoe store with a barefoot focus. 113 W. German St   304-876-1100 Article

Freedom's Run Team Recieves 2 "On the Move School" Grants

5/23/2010 | Mark

Kids Run Wild recieves $10,000 to build more youth running in West Virginia. See article



"Race" for/with the Birds

3/10/2010 | Mark

Race for the Birds is coming April 24.  Multidistance Trail Runs at the beautiful Natl Conservation Training Center

Read great story in the Good Shepherd and Shepherdstown Chronicle


Stories from runners

10/15/2009 | Mark

Nice History and Running piece from Donna Childress of National Parks Traveler

Marathon in Pictures by Conrad Fernandes starring Doug Sullivan

Marine Michael Huff running for faith and soldiers


Online Photos

10/15/2009 | Mark

View and purchase photos from various locations on the Freedom's Run course

Photo albums from our friends at The Journal

If you have photos to share send them to

Race Day Videos

10/9/2009 | Mark

Catch both the peace and the excitement of race day

Listening to the River and watch your step

Freedom Rock

At Freedom's Run, We'll Keep the Lights on for You

10/6/2009 | Mark

Inspiring story on our final finisher Luanne Turrentine

You go Luanne!

Freedom's Run Highlights National Parks

10/5/2009 | Mark

Tour de Parks

Freedom's Run Highlights National Parks

A true Freedom Runner

10/5/2009 | Mark

Man stationed in Afghanistan runs race in 3:40.16, at 7000 feet!

Read about #695....running in Afganistan in Freedom's Run

Kudos on Race Well Done

10/5/2009 | Mark

A nice column on the logistics of 5 races at once

Running a First Class Operation

Cheers to the 40 year olds

10/4/2009 | Mark

Nice article on our female winners Susan Gray and Mandana Mortazavi

40-Somethings Win Main Events

Sibling Rivarly

10/4/2009 | Mark

Story of a local Freedom's Run family and the goal to do a longer event next year.  This is why we have all these events- make the goal to one day conquer Antietam Battlefield- where 23,000 troops were killed or wounded in a single day.

Slow pursuit of sibling rivalry

Freedom's Run Reigns

10/4/2009 | Mark

Herald Mail Post Race report

Turnout lets Freedom's Run reign

Hope for Warriors

10/3/2009 | Mark

Chaplain to run marathon to support wounded heroes

Go Fr. Dave

Race Week Article

9/27/2009 | Mark

Front Page Article From Today’s Journal

Read More

Marathon for Health- WV Public Radio

9/14/2009 | Mark


Why Freedom's Run?- An Event for Promote Healthy Living!


See WV Public Radio Feature by Cecelia Mason

Freedom's Run Videos

9/2/2009 | Mark

Enjoy the views and hear about the rich history of the course. Thank you City of Ranson CVB and Dennis Frye, Chief Historian Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Freedom's Run Video

30 second Commercial

Freedom's Run in "The Running Front"

9/1/2009 | Mark

Our friends and sponsors at Newton Running sharing Freedom's Run with the Twitter and Facebook World.  Don't think the lost messages and misdirected battle plans of Antietam would have happened today.  Scroll down for Sept 18 entry

West Virginia Corridor Magazine Feature

8/17/2009 | Mark

Great Piece by West Virginia Writer Christine Ford on the significance of Freedom's Run

See page 27 in online version

Of the Student, By the Student, For the Student

8/10/2009 | Mark

Watch this amazing series of videos written and produced by our local Harpers Ferry Middle School Students in cooperation with the Journey Through Hallowed Ground and Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.  You will be running through this historic land, so tread respectfully.

See the show

Freedoms Run More Than a Race

8/1/2009 | Mark

Andrew Mason of Herald Mail Catches the Spirit of Freedom's Run

Herald Mail 7/31

Post Race Oktoberfest is Set!

8/1/2009 | Mark

Yuengling Beer and the Bavarian Inn partner to host green post race Oktoberfest.  See FAQ section for details of our signature post race celebration for over 21 crowd.

Community Fun Runs add New Sites

8/1/2009 | Mark

Update on the Friday Fun Runs....exploring new places

Fun Run Article 7/30

Frederick News Post Feature

7/16/2009 | Mark

Great Sunday Feature on Freedom's run

Feature Article

Observer Feature

7/7/2009 | Mark

Great Feature on Freedom's Run and Friday Community Runs

Observer July Issue

You Tube Family Fun runs

7/7/2009 | Mark

Catch the Spirit of the Friday Community Runs

You Tube Fun Run

Freedom's Run Article by George Banker

7/7/2009 | Mark

George Banker, author of "History of the Marine Corps Marathon", and one of our regions leaders in the running community  writes about Freedom's Run

George Banker Article

Community Running Seminar July 28

7/6/2009 | Mark

Dr. Cucuzzella to host free community seminar on training for Freedom's Run and healthy running

Journal Article Announcing Event

Run Washington Feature

7/2/2009 | Mark

Race Feature and some great local pictures

Freedom's Run in Run Washington

Freedoms Run Announced

7/1/2009 | Mark

May 8 Shepherdstown Chronicle