Freedom’s Run for Kids-11 AM

Distance- One Mile

Come run, walk, stroll a fun filled mile in Historic Shepherdstown. This non competitive event is FREE and open to all ages. Start in front of Sara Cree Hall, adjacent to the main Half Marathon, 5k, 10k starting areas at the Stadium. Run up the festive German Street and finish in front of Shepherd University Stadium. Strollers welcome.

Last year we had 400 children running happily through our historic downtown….what a beautiful site.

Online Registration

Paper Registration

Online Reg closes Thursday midnight. Friday registration at Shepherd Wellness Center 12-8pm and Saturday Registration at Midway Field/Ram Stadium 7-8am (Not Wellness Center).

Children’s obesity is an epidemic state, and our Event provides children an innovative, fun and safe place to exercise. Children who begin running as exercise at an early age continue with exercise as a life style choice through their elementary, middle, and high school activities.

Story from Freedom’s Run 2010-

Freedom’s Run,
I wanted to thank you for providing a race that encourages and promotes better Health for ALL individuals both children and adults alike.
I would also like to share with you a story of a 7 year old girl that ran in the kids Fun Run at Freedom’s Run on Saturday. Her name is Maggie Merrill. You wouldn't know it but almost 7 months ago Maggie woke up on her 7th birthday with a noticeable limp and pain in and around her hip. Not only did the limp and pain come out of nowhere, but her legs seemed to become different lengths, and the hip itself became visibly distorted. How could a normal, healthy, active child develop such a trauma to her hip without any warning?
After numerous doctor visits and medical tests there was no explanation as to why Maggie had developed this rare hip abnormality. Her parents, Todd and Maria Merrill (both runners) took her to John Hopkins in hopes to find answers and rule out any serious medical conditions. They discovered that this abnormality is rare, comes on without warning in children, but with proper treatment her hip would realign, the muscles and cartilage around the hip would again relax, and Maggie could have a full recovery. After 6 months of Physical Therapy, constant stretching, aquatic exercises, and exercises at home she began to see some improvement almost immediately! I was so excited to see this little girl, who woke up 7 months ago limping and dragging her leg, not being able to run normally, HAPPY and HEALTHY crossing....RUNNING across the finish line!
It is amazing what perseverance, daily exercise, movement, and running can do to help those overcome, or control their physical ailments. In this case it helped Maggie to have a healthy full recovery!!
Thank you again for promoting health, especially among children. Maggie inspires ALL of us, and reminds us that it isn’t the miles left to cover in our run, but the journey to persevere and push through to the finish line!!

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